After the Rain

Happy Saturday all!

It must have rained for 45mins straight this afternoon and it was wonderful! I opened the back door and just sat on the floor enjoying my dog’s company and the scent of my new maple leaf pumpkin candle glowing in the cozy kitchen. A glass of Bailey’s on the rocks later at dinner with my dear husband and I am pretty much the most contented person you’ll meet this fine day. 🙂









In need of the sea


This is my home, the Sonoran Desert, and it’s hot this time of year…really hot. With temps well into the triple digits and my iced tea becoming warm tea rather quickly I find my heart aching for the waves and sand of the pacific coast. I need the salt breeze and the spray of the waves on my face. I need the water searching out my toes wetting the sand beneath my feet. I need the laughter of kids chasing each other along the water line and building sandcastles. But alas, I am here for the time being. So to fill my heart’s desire in my own little way I took these photos of shells I have around my house. Hope they bring a little sea breeze your way.

Have a beautiful day!