Good morning!

Hello! Hope this day finds you blessed and ready to start a relaxing weekend!

Just had to share a funny little thing that happened on the morning of the 4th. I fell in love with coffee. Now, I know you’re probably thinking…”um, okay sweetheart, that’s great.” But you don’t understand. I’m a tea snob and have never understood society’s obsession with coffee. I was a barista at two coffee shops for a total of 3 years and never drank it, well, except for the required tastings Starbucks has you do which I totally understand. My husband is a coffee aficionado who almost bought his own coffee shop and buys green coffee beans roasting them to his liking. But me…no.

I grew up on iced tea. It’s hot here and nothing is so refreshing as a glass of tropical tea iced to perfection. Long lost peaceful hours spent reading under my beloved lemon tree next to the pool sipping happiness in a glass creep back into my memory and heart when I taste that first sip. Comfort pure and simple.

On the morning of the 4th the clouds decided to join us in celebrating the holiday. I love clouds just as much as I love iced tea and their presence was very welcome. The sun had been so bright and unflinching for the past month that I felt my soul becoming scorched like our poor plants trying to survive in our backyard. The morning was so perfectly cozy: the rain falling outside, my husband home from work and our customary holiday breakfast of cinnamon rolls waiting to be enjoyed. I was excited to try out my latest Goodwill find; a ceramic mug with big yellow flowers on it very much in the hippie fashion. Tea just wasn’t going to cut it this time, not with the rain and rich cinnamon rolls. My friend had given me some pumpkin coffee from Trader Joe’s a while back so I decided to french press some and give coffee a shot. It…was…perfect.

I’m excited to explore this strange new world…my journey begins 🙂