Turkish Coffee

It is December and while there should be inspiration winking around every corner and sparkling from every Christmas light I’ve found myself a bit lacking in that department. Not sure why. I guess the creative juices ebb and flow like the tides. Anyway, in an attempt to stir up some creativity I decided to wade through all the wonderful photos and ideas floating around Pinterest and there I found it, Turkish coffee. I’ve heard about it before; strong, exotic and thick, the grounds mingling with the water uninhibited by a filter. Quite frankly the idea scared me. Well, the pre-coffee loving, everything must be labeled and fit into a box, happy to exist in the same world I’ve always known, me. But something has been stirring inside as of late, a need to get a taste of a culture other than mine, a need for something bigger than me. I know a little cup of coffee is not the answer and that there is something deeper I’m searching for but as I am not able to travel, my little espresso cup filled with dark richness will do just fine.

If you’d like to try it yourself it is pretty easy. I don’t have any of the real equipment so I just winged it šŸ™‚ Fill an espresso cup with water and pour it into a sauce pan. Do this as many times for as many cups you would like to drink. Measure out equal portions of coffee (1 cup water to 1 scoop coffee) and grind on the finest setting. Your coffee should be an almost powder consistency. Pour the grinds into the water. Pour two tablespoons of sugar into the saucepan also. While I love sugary things I’m not a big fan of pure sugar so I used a few white chocolate chips instead. Stir the mixture on a high heat until just before boiling. Take off the stove, pour into your cup, let the grounds settle a bit and enjoy!

Are you a fan of Turkish coffee? I’d love to hear your favorite way of making it!

Hope you all have a splendid day!





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