Sauteed pear and blue cheese pita

This has been a week of new recipes in my household. Last night we had black bean burros with corn, avocados, cilantro and a splash of lime topped with an ale queso. Tonight we went a little sweeter, sauteed pear and blue cheese pitas. I usually don’t like pears because of their gritty texture and they have a kind of sweet that’s just too sweet. I need a bit of tang in my fruit. But I saw a beautiful picture of the fruit browned to a caramel color and it looked delicious so I tried it tonight. So glad I did! Here is my little recipe.

Sauteed pear and blue cheese pita:

2 pitas

2 cups of fresh spinach

2 pears peeled and cut into 1/2 inch slices

1 cup of blue cheese

1/4 cup of olive oil

2 tbsp. brown sugar


Reserve enough olive oil to drizzle on pitas, set aside and heat the remaining oil in a skillet. Add pears and brown sugar. Saute on medium high until pears are caramel brown. Broil pitas until they reach your desired crispness. Remove from the oven and top with spinach, blue cheese and pears. Drizzle the pitas with the remaining olive oil and serve.

Serves 2



Avocado love

On Monday mornings I can usually be found on Pinterest searching for new recipes to make for the week’s meals. In my searching I discovered a delightful blog called Morsels and Musings. What a fun site! Nestled among intriguing recipes for Sahlep (a Turkish drink), Earl Grey jam and toasted marshmallow fudge was a little snack, grilled avocado with melted cheese and hot sauce. If the picture wasn’t enough to lure me in the ingredients sure did the trick. Avocados, hot sauce, cheese and lime juice are just a few of my favorite things. I made this for dinner last night with some buttered Tuscan bread and orange slices on the side and it was, well, summer happiness on a plate! Here is the recipe and please be sure to check out this great blog for more yummy things to make!

Grilled Avocado w Melted Cheese & Hot Sauce

1 avocado
1 tablespoon chipotle sauce (Tabasco or Louisiana)
1 tablespoon lime juice
¼ cup parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper


1. Slice the avocado in half and remove the stone. Prick all over with a fork, or cut criss-cross patterns with a knife. This allows the sauce to penetrate the flesh.

2. Pour the sauce over each half, then top with lime juice and salt and pepper.

3. In the cavity where the stone has been, put ¼ of the cheese on each avocado half. Place under the hot grill for 2 minutes.

4. Top with remaining cheese and grill (broil for Americans!) for another 2 minutes until completely melted and avocado warmed through.

Eat hot with a wedge of lime and chipotle sauce on the side!

Photo and recipe credit: Morsels and Musings: grilled avocado w melted cheese & hot sauce.

Compost = Awesomeness!

My husband and I began gardening last year. We’ve learned a lot along the way but one of the most important things we’ve learned is that seeds from compost grow much better than transplants. We have a plot of earth that we dug up, shoveled compost all over the top of the soil and planted corn and some various squashes. The corn is doing alright but the squashes have long since dried up. A few weeks after the squash died we began seeing random sprouts coming up and realized they were from our compost. This is the result!


For a while I called it the Mystery Garden because we had no idea what was growing. It was a lot of fun to go outside each morning and poke around to see what had grown. We now know that we have pumpkins, tomatoes, watermelon, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and cantaloupes! I think we’ll pick the spaghetti squash in a few days and cook it with blue cheese and lightly sauteed asparagus spears!

Here are a few shots around the garden. Enjoy!


In need of the sea


This is my home, the Sonoran Desert, and it’s hot this time of year…really hot. With temps well into the triple digits and my iced tea becoming warm tea rather quickly I find my heart aching for the waves and sand of the pacific coast. I need the salt breeze and the spray of the waves on my face. I need the water searching out my toes wetting the sand beneath my feet. I need the laughter of kids chasing each other along the water line and building sandcastles. But alas, I am here for the time being. So to fill my heart’s desire in my own little way I took these photos of shells I have around my house. Hope they bring a little sea breeze your way.

Have a beautiful day!


One inspiring girl

For my birthday last year a dear friend of mine gave me one of Kelly Rae Roberts’ paintings; Unbroken Wings Discovered. I had never heard of this artist before but after a look at her website she quickly became one of my favorite contemporary artists.

Kelly’s works are just magical and have the same quiet energy about them that you’d see in a butterfly’s wings as it bobs around a flower patch. She seems to delight in encouraging her viewers to see the beauty and strength in themselves and to move towards their heart’s desires when fear and self doubt stand like giants blocking the way.

Be sure to visit her website to see all of her amazing art!

These are a few of my favorite works by Kelly.


Surrender Your Fear





Photo credits: Surrender Your Fear, Worthy and Surrender



One of my sketches.




I took this photo at my 4th grade camp on the Mongolian Rim. I just love the quiet solitude of it.




My dad took this photo when I was around 4. I remember those geese chasing me around and they were as big as I was! Regardless of that memory I find this one of my favorite pictures. It still sparkles with the magic of childhood.

Seed Bombs!

Anthropologie has been one of my favorite stores for quite some time now. I love to walk around and just be inspired by all the creativity that goes into making the store what it is. One item I found there was a  little bag of Wildflower Seed Bombs. They are balls of dried dirt with a gazillion little seeds rolled up inside. I planted them this spring and they were true to their name!


Go to Visualingual’s blog to see more varieties of Seed Bombs.